Friday, January 20, 2012

Around the shop

The shop has been a bit boring as of late to post anything, I have been running tap's and die's through my motor cleaning all the bead blast out, and Dave-o finished welded a bit for me. We have a few projects we need to start and alot of engine work.

We started to put Joe's motor back together but it's a fucking Ultima and they suck and don't know what gaskets are for what generation year because they screw so much up and did I mention they suck.

The Panhead motor will be going together soon, as I have all my parts to assemble.

The rest of the Panhead is spread all over, this is the part that sucks you build this awesome bike in your head then take it apart and send it to paint, powdercoat, and it's in other's hands not yours. But when it all comes back it will be bitchin I know.

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