Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's For The Kids

So Sunday was Wilmington's 19th annual Toys for Tot's run. Every year we support it cause it's for the kids and it's a special day for me. It's the day I met Wes from the Custom Destruction crew. OK enough with the mushy mushy crap.

The bikes packed the parking lot on this beautiful day.

Yes there were tons of this gay stuff too.We went through the ghetto

This was taken at the point when the chick in front of us who was a nervous wreck the entire ride finally went down, she wasn't going fast so. Watch the video at Custom Destruction.

We pulled off and invaded Billy Goats this was the first batch of bikes that showed more followed.



Vinnie and Dan


Air Jordan

Debbie was either trying to cut her name off or cut her boob off. Please don't cut your boob off.

The fish hook

Dan's set-up for the after party.

Dan's Ironhead

Wes and Vinnie's scoot

We finished the night off with some killer burritos at Flaming Amy's then a few beers at Reggie's. The Toy's for Tots ride was a hit they had 766 bikes show up. It's for the kids mang.

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  1. whats the scoop on dans bike? what frame or tail is that? year? 84?