Thursday, December 1, 2011

Howard's 1941Indian Chief

I never work Sundays but I did this past Sunday to support our local Toys for Tots run. The run had your normal weekend warriors out riding to support a cause which I have no problem with I just don't like riding in the giant pack with them. Well I stayed back and in rolled this beautiful Indian with a white bearded gentleman tank shifting into the parking lot. I walked up and introduced myself to him and he just started laughing and said hey Shoprag it's me Howard, we have met previously and talked for hours the last couple times too. I just had never seen this bike before. Howard is a member of the AMCA and every time he tell me I need to join that I share the same interest and the old guys in the club to pass on their knowledge and stories to a younger generation. I always tell him I will check it out but normally never do. This time we talked about a few different things and a couple hit home with me. I showed him some of my Panhead parts for my motor and he told me to build it back so I can ride it not so its period correct cause period correct don't mix with today's technology on the highway. Every vehicle was slower on the highway in the 50's and people took twice as long to travel. I took that to heart cause its gonna kill me to put that S&S oil pump on my Panhead but I know its for the good in the long road.

Thanks for the words of wisdom Howard

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