Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The World Party

Every 4th of July weekend SHADETREE get together just north of Lexington, KY and has a party. People come from all over, Florida, Colorado, Indiana, Wisconsin, North Carolina and as far as from Japan, Iraq, and Ireland. Its a family affair bring the kids, bring the wife, and never even worry about them except to make sure they eat. We have been doing this for 12 years now and had the best of times and great memories while doing it. Its a invite party only if your privileged enough to get the invite don't miss it you wont be disappointed by any means. Well enough about the party and on to the vacation.
We left out Thurs night trucking up 421 to make Greensboro before midnight. The Panhead was running tip top shape.

Indy Bill my counter part road with next me and was running good too.

We made it to Other Brother Joe's that night just after 11 and crashed at his place. He had a very nice shop he had built.

The next day we woke ate breakfast and headed out, we took 421 up through Boone and then jumped onto 91 to Demascus, then a bunch of crazy beautiful back roads that I don't remember but we ended up on the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway.

Dave-o drove the van with the girls and was having troubles with his Pepsi so the girls gave him a straw

We had gone 600 miles from home and had 9 miles to go till we arrived at the World Party, and I heard Putt Putt................... My motor stopped and I thought I had ran out of gas so I coasted to the side and found worse, a seized up Panhead motor, she wouldn't turn over. I am to blame I worked here really hard on the interstate and didn't know what the inside of the motor looked like, I will now tho.

At the World Party Maddog showed off his drag bike that he is bringing back to life.

Nice sticker usage for sponsorship there too.

Maddog showing off his aerodynamic nose that he is putting on the drag bike. His plan is to race it at Rockingham in Oct this year so come visit.

Dave-o got sick of his cast and decided to cut it off.

Brandy and her new little girl Lilly.

Scotty and his Knuck.

A sweetbelt buckle I seen at the party.

Smitty and Scotty just got back from a ride, a knuckle and a flatty.

Yeah I was beat and needed a nap.

Now I don't know who is worse Maddog or Indy Bill they both look queer here.

The Richmond crew caught getting beer.

Psycho needed a haircut so he got one.

Dave got the opportunity of a life time and offered the chance to ride a Knuckle, Texas Scott offered it up and took the chance.

He was stoked when he got back and promised Tam that her and the kids along with him would Ramen noodles until he could afford a Knuck.

Congrats Quiet Bob it was his 35th wedding anny and they renewed their vows.

I asked everybody who likes Shoprag, look at all the hands.

Maddog explaining to me how anybody can buy a Panhead only some can ride em.

Rocking the drums

the sets

So I got the drunk hiccups and couldn't get rid of em so Dave-o said he was made of sugar and stuck his finger in my mouth, sure as shit that shit cured me.


I had to spoon Maddog when he passed out.

Ol dude passed out in the back of the truck.

Damn they couldn't get enough of the website here it drew a crowd.

Maddog telling Ashley what a great guy I am.

The girls (Panhead and Shovelhead) and Tam and Ashley had to squeeze into the back of the van

Ice Cream breaks were a must.

We stopped at Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley. If you haven't been to this place you must go. Rumor has it the place will close and move after this year, we cleared the rumor up and yes they will move as long as the town of Maggie Valley keeps giving them hell.

We stopped at this hole in the wall Mexican rest.

This awesome album cover was in a antique store.

Anybody up for some wrestling

Just outside of Winston Salem we saw this sweet car with two girls driving it, they were at the Heavy Rebel weekend.

Ok last but not least I must speak on mine and Dave-os behalf but we thank you two beautiful girls so much for this trip, You gals put up with no A/C, lack of food, lots of drunkenness, lots of breakdowns, and not a complaint out of you at all. Thanks

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