Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Birthday Surprise

So Monday was my birthday. Dave comes home from work Saturday evening and I hear this honk-honk. I run outside to find this street glide in our driveway. Dave says this is part of your surprise, were going on a bike trip. I was so stoked. Didnt know where we were going all he told me was to pack what I could in one of the saddle bags. Get up Sunday morning and we head out at 7am. We have the most amazing ride to Cedar Point where we jumped on a 2 hr ferry ride to Ocracoke. He then tells me he has a room for us and that he had planned all this a month ago. What an awesome man I have. So we proceeded to walk around at some of the gift shops and buy some beer and wine. Take it back to the hotel where we iced it down in the sink. We ended up sitting on our balcony and jamming to this live band that was playing at this bar across the street. We get up Monday morning head out on another epic ride back to Jville stopping at antique stores where we picked up an old ford wrench and a couple vintage looking belt buckles. We roll into our little town after 9 hrs on the bike. We put 431 miles on it. Stop at the countrytime for a few cold PBR's to end my awesome birthday weekend. Dave I fell even more in love with you this weekend-Thanks for the best birthday ever. Tam

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