Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank God for PBR, girls, and Shake Weight

Chip as a joke bought me a Shake Weight, and then dared me if I brought it to every bar we attended he would buy my 1st round. Sounded like a great deal to me. The pics you see are what happened that night and let me just say that it was a hilarious night that ensued.
Dave-o showing off at the Barboury Coast
Door guy giving it a try

Wes with the over head method
Chicks were not scared of this fitness tool either
A mid night workout session
Even bartenders that were sober wanted a piece
But let me just say this women were excited to try it but their boyfriends not so much.

This girl had the method down, just shake it towards the face

Some were not impressed at all by the Shake Weight

I think this girl may have pee'd her pants laughing at the Shake Weight
These two girls told me they couldn't play with my Shake Weight cause they were married.

After a long night we made it to a little diner for some breakfast chow
Bacon, egg, and cheese on muffins
The bikes were all nestled in the garage and the party continued in the house. It was a great night thanks to the Shake Weight and great friends.

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