Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

People these days say what is there to be thankful for, the economy sucks, a war is still going on, I have no money. Well let me tell you this there is alot to be thankful for. If your riding be thankful for the fact that you are riding, there may come a time when you cant even get out of a wheel chair or walk. Sure I'm not on a Panhead like I would like to be but it's still 2 wheels isn't it.
I'm very thankful I don't have blonde hair anymore
I'm thankful I'm apart of the koolest shop in the area, we kick ass and build some awesome shit. Our crew is pretty close even tho we have had some accidents we are still riding strong.
Thankful for friends and family, these guys even tho they play air keyboards on the walls and ceilings, or they know every 80's hair metal scream, or they ask me to marry them, they are still awesome.
I'm thankful for every road trip I have taken this year, they have been some fun ones. Stories have came from them and breakdown's have became less than what they used to be.

So as you eat turkey or pork or taco bell be thankful for something. Cause life ain't so bad you know.

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