Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My trip to Brooklyn

I left work on Thursday and headed to Richmond VA. Road in the rain and cold conditions and got lost finding Chip's place but finally made it. They treated me to a great meal and a warm place to sleep.
Got to test out the Harmon girder too.

Woke up the next morning bright and early and took off for Brooklyn. Was making good time then ran out of gas in south Philly but luckily knew where I was at and was able to find a quick gas station. Then just north of Philly my throttle cable snapped and I'm stuck on the side of I-95. I rigged the throttle up to get me off the interstate and off an exit and made a phone call. Clarke and some of the FOTS and DS Kyle and Murph came to my rescue. Steve ended up having the closest thing to a throttle cable that would work.
Clarke, Q. and Rob
At a service station in NJ

Crossing the Varazano Bridge into Brooklyn

Flathead Jay


Hanging at the gutter with Max Schaff and some of the VA crew

DS Jay

Murph was always out putting on a show either doing power slides or burning the back tire.

I went strolling around Vanders place which is in the Polish and Slavic district of Brooklyn. Many kool sights to be seen.

These guys set up a game that if you said the word motorcycle you had to shotgun a beer.

Entrance of the Brooklyn Invitational

Tom Fugle selling rocks

Some kool ass bars from the HA display

Paul Cox came rolling into the exhibit fashionably late. The kool part was that he literally filled the bike with oil, and gas cranked it no issues, then decided to break it in blasting down NYC streets to the show pretty kool.

Had a tattoo going on inside

Some guys partied way to much the night before at the DICE party

Looking down the street.

This guy just had way too much fun at the Invitational

At the after party

We all piled into a hotel so we could get one good nights sleep before we had to ride home.

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  1. Yea man crazy adventure on the drive up had a killer time see u at Ds bbq