Monday, September 5, 2011


Started cleaning out the shop Sat. afternoon and lining the bikes up for parking.

Throwing the beer cases in the fire pit for good starters.
OZ the legend came over for a few beers with us.

The grill was packed with chicken, pork loins, Boston butt, potatoes, and cabbage. Tie Dye Joe and Dirty Dave did an awesome job as the official cooks for the weekend. Hope everybody enjoyed the food.

The fridge was packed along with the 12 coolers along the front of the house, I think we have 3 coolers full of beer still.

OZ and my dad telling some old stories.

Diesel rode up from Oak Island aka Long Beach.

Deuce rode his Harley, its sweet too.

Luke's Shovel, slowly but surely its turning from a billet abortion shovel to an actual kool shovel.

Tie Dye Joe doing his thing.

Jason had the kiddies so he just rode in the truck, but I caught him profiling by the car.

Kevin was stoked to come but he couldn't stay long, he has only had this sporty for a few weeks now, it was a horrible attempt at building a 97 sporty. Him and Kyle got a hold of it and walla, this is what they got.

One of our buddies Heavy had a friend come up in this sweet truck.

Wes was having an issue with his tail light, come to find out it was the sheathing on the wire had scraped off and it was grounding out causing it to not work, so we fixed it up.

Somebody grabbed my camera and caught me and Tie Dye Joe doing our own blues rendition.

Me and Tie Dye Joe planning tour dates.

Heavy was having issues with his headlight so we pulled a new one off the shelf and just replaced it rather than trying to diagnose the issues drunk.

The camp fire went well cause it cooled off when the sun went down.

Luke was the first to fall asleep that we know of.

The Hugaroot was a success again, My dad has threw this party for the past 8 years. I would like to thank everyone who made it for the party and everyone that helped out with the party. It was a rad time, Adios Shoprag

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