Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Revenge Run 2

Well we started on Thursday when we the Custom Destruction crew came north and met us. We rode in the rain and Ihad a few break downs with my pan but we made it to Rocky Mount and the pre party.

I have to give it to her (ashley) she is my MVP of the run, she just recently learned to ride and I asked her to go 500 plus miles.

Friday morning the bikes were packed and ready to roll.

I rolled with no headlight because of charging issues.

On the fairy too Ocracoke Island

Wes and Nate

I made a stop in Jville to fix my panhead and on the way out I saw a bunch of guys on the side of the road just relaxing. Well Steves springer broke, so we had to choice but to fix his bike. I didnt get any pics of the finished product but it looked good.

The after party didnt get many at cause we were helping Benji swap and rear brake hub.

Well once again I made the Revenge Run was a maiden voyage for one of my bikess. My panhead made it and I was stoked about that. I was really stoked too that Wes shot it for Show Class mag. Me and Ashley didnt win a damn thing in the raffles (hell our first 3 digits never got caled) but as I told her we won some great friends this trip and thats the best part of it.


  1. Looks like a great run. Love the Pan in the top shot!!!

  2. For real on making great friends, dude. Anytime you guys want to come to Norfolk/Va Beach/Chesapeake area, we're gonna show you a good time.

    -Parker (Blue '76 Honda 550)

  3. yeah you guys were the coolest ever! what parker said...if you guys get anywhere near VA or Virginia beach let me know... I live 2 blocks from the oceanfront you guys are welcome any time to come up and hangout! WES - 71 triumph dude