Friday, April 15, 2011

The Disco Stick

Ok so I havent been posting much because it has been crunch time on getting the Panhead done for the Revenge Run. So sorry bout that but my bikes and friends bikes take precedence over that. I have to say tho it has a been a long journey but she is together and as good as ever. I must say thank you Kyle and Dave for your help with the Panhead whether it be making new parts or fixing my front end or giving a class on how the Trans works. Thanks Chip for the parts you hooked me up with and the kind jestures that I could run a Barbie hot wheels car 6 Volt battery instead of waiting. Thanks Tam for cooking us great meals so we could work. Thanks Pat for the sticker on the gas tank to cover up the big chip in the paint. Thanks Ashley for letting me stay home and work on the Panhead instead of coming to Wilm and hanging out. But their are 2 special people I have to thank, the first is Maddog cause I remember his Panhead being a favorite of mine forever in his garage, and he made me memorize my Panhead case numbers and the song Panheads forever. Next I have to thank Papaw cause unlike Maddog he rode his Panhead every where and rode like a gem. He gave me lots of advice and talked me into jockey shifting my panhead. Thanks to everybody else that had a hand in the job or gave me a beer when I needed it the most. Now lets ride biotches