Monday, February 7, 2011

The Harley Davidson dealer show

The Harley Davidson dealer show was in Orlando this year, the show was good but the parties were out of this world crazy. They have some good concepts with some of their bikes and then some they royally messed up, new parts were good some things they are 5 years too late on but prices were way lower then the after market competition.
Of course I was in a good mood, free Bud hell yeah
The Gaylord Palms was the resort we stayed at wow. It had a Bio Dome in the middle of it with alligators and fish and everything else.
The convention center was huge too. Thanks for Mary and Ashley keeping in line tho.

Waterfalls everywhere inside the resort
The big party Harley had was some what weird but damn it was good. It had a theme of a Freak Show meets Mardi Gras, with a Scottish band that played classic rock songs and beads were everywhere too. Everybody was wearing balloon animals and stuff too.
The girls stole a balloon headset.
The Scottish band that was ok

The balancing dude he was pretty good I never seen him fall, there may have been a few beer bottle speed bumps in his way but he never fell.
Balloon bike

This dude made a skull face out of balloons was pretty kool
Now for bike content
Liked the paint job on this one
Sugar skulls are kool too
This paint job was really nice wish they built the bike diff tho

Last but not least the koolest attempt at the show. I will post more from the show later. I have a whole post with artwork from the show.

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