Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1940 Indian Scout (SHORE PATROL)

So a guy i work with comes up to me yesterday and say hey you may want to go look there is a old bike out front. I said how old he said maybe 25 years old.
I walk out and see this beautiful gem sitting in the parking leaking oil and an ol man just sitting on the bench next to it.
I walk up introduce myself and begin telling him how awesome his bike was. He just started grinning and telling me the history of this machine.
The serial numbers on the side are not serial numbers at all. The left gas tank has his fathers birth date and the right gas tank has his fathers death date.
His father was in the Navy for a short period of time but was the reason why this man started riding. He was given this bike from his father and he wanted to do him proud.
In the ammo can he a legit not fake SP brassard and his fathers Navy cap and belt for their dress uniform
He was tired of seeing everybody make their old military bikes olive drabe and paint a big white star or put U.S. ARMY on them stuff like that

When I finished taking photos of this bike( The old man said I was the 1st person to ever want to take photos of his bike also so neener neener neener), I walked inside the store and found the guy that told me it was 25 years old and I slapped him in the back of the head and said that bike is 60 years old retard.

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  1. I love this bike. Beauty, character originality-- it's all there.