Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Story of Sir Shopragness

As read in a sick English Voice!!

Once apon a time there was a toattly Brucial dude names The Shoprag ( for the definition of BRUCIAL and WTF it mean see wars post from last wensday) he grew up in a Far,Far, Far, Far ass away land where he would skip throughout the feilds all gay and shit picking only the finest flowers to sell to the Bloody pheasants. the King at the time, Sir Russel (Brandt) of Fagland wouldnt alow little gay flower oickers to sell his precious flowers specialy grown for is Lovely queen. the queen was The finest peice of tail in all of the lands. she despised Sir Russel of Fagland so she would sneak out of the castle while he sleep and pick flowers for herself. She didnt like being held to a higher Standard and felt everyone was equal. One Magical tottaly Brucial day the Shoprag was skipping ever so gay across her favorite flower feild in all the land and he ran in to the Queen!! its was Love at first Sight. For the next year the queen and the Shoprag would get together and Make Brucial ass Love in the feild where they met. one day a Local Theif and Crack Dealer Kyle of Uselesschopperland saw the two and thought if he told Sir Russel of Fagland the the King would reward him for his relieving News!! the Shoprag was in town at the local bar the Top hat(a place for only the most Brucial Folks) so the Shoprag confronted the Theif Kyle and they talked for 30 hours and decided to start an alliance!! A fuckin Brucial one at that. So the shoprag told the Lovely queen about the Alliance. She was like what will you be called? the he look puzzeled. then down from the sky a Magical Unicorn flew down and kicked the Shoprag in the face!! unable to hold back Kyle and the queen bursted in too laughter!! HAHAHAAHAH that has never happend to anyone. once the Shoprag awoke he Said "Black Sheep Misfits" thats whats we will be called!! the Queen instantly fell deeper inlove with the shoprag and the two devised a plan the Kill Sir Russel of fagland and the Shoprag would come to power with his fairLady the Queen. So the Shoprag and kyle devised a tottaly Brucial Plan and the Killed the king with a Thottle cable of the kings personall bike!! and then as he bled out the Jammed Sick Music and Raged on his dying corpse!! Very Brucil if you ask me. then the queens father the old king Granted power to the Shoprag and he became Sir Shopragness!!! ruler of all the land!!!

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