Friday, July 23, 2010

How to make kool pipes for your bike

The kinda stock drag pipes, these are we started with
Bolt the muffler on and then get a straight line with the pipe and then tack it into position and make adjustments
Our straight line looks good there
Now connecting the rear head to the exhaust, we went with a 80 degree angle kinda to keep the flow back but also to create back pressure
Rear part looks ready to tack into place
Now geeting the right angles for the front head, at first everything was measuring great but with a slight twist of one pipe it fucked us up for awhile trying to figure out what we did.
All tacked up and into place
Heat wrap and start it up and watch it smoke like a freight train

The finished project which that night in the shop we rocked out to High On Fire and Scissorfight, this bike cranked up and sounded like it was gonna eat every bike in the shop, it was mean

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