Monday, June 28, 2010

The Smokeout 2010

My smokeout started out with my transmission scattered across Daves shop floor Thurs. nite. We got it back together, then it hit me I had to pack i had to work Friday morning till noon, I said the hell with it and went to bed. Fast forward to Friday at noon; Bryant, Max, Josh, Indy Bill, Smokeout, and Linsay are there and ready to roll out. We really didnt have any issues with the bike till Josh's bike would get hot and cut out but we managed that pretty well. My dumb ass decided to build a bike with a metal seat pan on top of the oil bag, equals frying pan for my reproductive parts.
We made it to the Smokeout to see a yellow short bus and Justin's teepee and OBJ with his cooker and truck. So we set our tents up and everybody was introduced and at that point I toasted Bryant a PBR and said we are at the Smokeout. I got my tent set up and just had to grab my camera and go see what had beat us to the show. I made my way around and there was some awesome stuff around. The best part of the Smokeout is meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones. Went in the gates where the event was and just started running into friends left and right and every where you looked there were some kool scoots.

I made my way around and felt some rain drops and then it just let down like crazy so we ran to a tent. Then I see this funny looking guy pointing at me from the Violent Choppers tent, I knew exactly who that was. Me and Bryant scooted over there and hung out there for a good bit while this freaking bad storm came through. The lightning cracked around us and we were holding a metal frame tent up, standing in ankle deep puddle of water. The wind was so bad that it forces the rain to come sideways.

After the rain was done I walked back to camp and found tents everywhere upside and flattened and the camp site was just soaked. So I started to fix the camp and found everybody hiding in OBJ's truck. Obj said there was chicken so I was like heck yeah grabbed some chicken and almost choked on the damn thing in front of 2 nurses from Cincy (to their defense I used the fish hook maneuver and totally saved my own life).

As it got later we knew that Rebel Son was gonna play the main stage, so we all walked over to the stage area, when Rebel Son came on the party ensued, people were passing around moonshine (people had straight and others had cherry, grape, and peach flavored), sneaking PBR's in my cargo pockets, watching Max and Josh pass around Sailor Jerry's and a bottle of jager. Max was the guy that jumped on the stage and offered the band a drink and then went crowd surfing.Justin puking was priceless too he was shit housed.
That night ended with burnouts in the camp ground and massive party that went till the morning hours. Sat. morning was a bad one but thanks to OBJ and my great cooking breakfast made it all better. Biscuits and gravy and eggs, makes everything better with a cold PBR. So does passing around a mason jar of peach moonshine too tho and then eating the peach out of the bottom.

Sat. was hot but I walked around and took lots of photos and talked to lots of friends just trying to pass some time until the mini bike races at 7. But we did manage to make the koolest slip in slide in the camp ground it was awesome, and a huge hit. Once again tho the mini bike races were awesome, there were a couple of wipeouts and some good racing going on. The funny thing is the same guy that won last year won this year and Bean're won the costume portion again this year.Agter the races it was back to camp to eat OBJ's dinner that he cooked for us which was killer. Then I get a text and my bud Dave said he is 30 min out. Him and Kyle showed up and that was the iceing on the cake, we kinda cruised around for a bit but the bands sucked ass that night so we just went back to camp to party.

We rolled out Sunday morning and did pretty good rolling back, no real issues even with Josh's bike jerrry rigged and my bike was just acting like it was running out of gas or something. But we all made it back safe and sound.

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