Monday, June 14, 2010

Nate's got a purty mouth

This bike started life as stock 883 100th anniversary HD. My buddy Troll got it in Cincy and started hacking away the dumb stuff. Then for his B-day his wife bought him a Paughco frame that it sits in now. He had the AMF tank laying around and said perfect.
Well Troll decided that he was tired of doing stupid work and said man I can run a hotdog stand in downtown Cincy, to fund that though he needed a down payment, he contacted me and asked me if i had anybody interested. I put it up on a website and that night Nate was blowing my phone up. I was going to see midget wrestling so I gave him Trolls number and they decided we were going to Kentucky the next weekend.

Now Nate is Cali kid that likes Loud,Fast,Hard music, bikes, thats how he lives life. Now fast forward to Dave, Nate, and me down a backwoods road with no lines on the road looking for Dozer's barn. We were packing heat, but dont know how many sling blade fuckers you can hold off with a purty mouth like Nate's.

We got the bike back to NC and we had to do some changes to the bike like remove the 22 Inch apes (at least thats what it seemed like). Also the bullet deflecter that Troll had made by the TN mafia. Now the bike fits Nate pretty good, he has cruised next to me to Wilm for a Flaming Amy's burrito a few Sundays.

Cant have a Kustom bike from Cincy without a Caddilac symbol somewhere.

Overall the bike has got Nate through the spring cause his ironhead is in pieces and his evo chop is in the works and there was no need to rush it.

So next year if you see this helmet and this bike scooting around and there is a lil tattooed dude wearing a FTW shirt, toot your horn at him or buy him a PBR.

Keep your head down man, and keep your ass safe in Afghan. See you when you get back and we will totally do a huge ride and party. Adios man

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