Monday, June 3, 2013

Changes and Tabs

 Made some tabs from right to left is the progression of making them.  Made them for a concoction Dave is brewing up for his Knuckle.
 Dave suggested I run an oil filter on the Panhead before heading out west so I bout the remote oil filter and we went to mounting it yesterday.

 I think I would make Indian Larry proud with that mounting position.
 Added an oil cooler also, had to build up a section of my frame so the mounts would work.  I get an extra quart of oil in there now with the cooler and filter.
Now back to planning the route to Cali.


  1. hey if you guys go through sacramento you've got a place to whatever.
    anyone that's a friend of maddog is a friend of ours.
    john and rayna.
    exit 100 on i-80

  2. I have met you guys before with maddog at Smokeout in Salisbury I am pretty sure of, I wasn't this ugly tho I had no beard as I was in the military. We will try to stop in and say hello at least.