Thursday, January 31, 2013

Modifiying a tank

  This two cap Paughco tank has been sitting in the shop for a couples years now waiting for use.
   It sat a little to high on the back bone. So first order was to cut out the old tunnel,
    and make a new one that drops the tank down about 2" lower on the back bone.
 Next order is the ignition switch. I love the look of the H-D hummer tanks with the switch built in so I decided to make my own version. Started out with a switch off the shelf and some 3" tubing.
   Here is the peices that will become the switch mount.
    Switch mount.
    No turning back now!!
  Except for the finish welding this is how it turned out.
The wiring tube (which was a pain in the ass) is run so that the wires come out in the tank tunnel and will be hiden once the bike is wired up.


  1. why you arent in the top 13? i guess work and craftmanship is second. what the fuck? anyway awesome job dude!

  2. I'm diggin' this tank set up man. Hurry up and finish it will ya, I wanna see the end result.