Thursday, November 29, 2012

As Of Late

I know as of late things have been really quiet around these parts, sorry for that.  Sometimes life doesnt go how you expect them too and you catch a curveball in the mouth.  Its been a giant puzzle around here as of late so we have slowly been putting it all back together.  Enough about all that tho.
 We have done some work for some friends of ours lately and just caught up in the shop pretty much.
 Two bikes we just finished doing some tweaking and some major primary work, and leaky motors.

 Daveo has been busting out on the Knuckle a bit, still got a lot to do tho.

 OG Kev's bike is done and we have successfully put some miles on it, just waiting for him to make it out of the north east and come pick it up.

We are tackling a bicycle build right now, as this weekend is our Shadetree Kids Of Christmas benifit, where we have a chili cookoff and bicycle build off to raise money for kids who need a Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Man,
    Hope you and DaveO are getting life squared away.
    Been missing your posts.
    Great pics, keep em comin

    Scotty sffs