Friday, July 13, 2012

Worldparty 2012 in Kentucky

So Dave and I took a road trip to KY for the worldparty last week. We left Thursday and got back this past Monday. Wow what a trip, we put over 1500 miles in four days. We left Jville stopped in Bristol Va at my moms for a nights sleep. Got up the next morning and headed for Lexington KY. Meet up with some friends had a killer lunch at the Sidebar in KY. Off to the worldpary, oh did I mention it was 112 degrees. We drank a butt load of beer, good food and just hung out with all our friends. We got up Sunday and headed for Maggie Valley to see Dale at the Wheels Through Time Museum. That place is awesom. Did I mention it was 100 degrees. We found a cheap ass hotel that smelled like a nursing home but we did not care. We just needed a shower and boy was that water black when we got done haha. Headed back home on Monday, hit some rain but all in all it was a good fun time. Heres a few pics....enjoy. See everyone at the Rock in October.

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