Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday

So today is Dave-o's B-day.  So everybody leave him a comment.
 His old Cleveland look
His new Hollywood look if you didnt know who I was talking about.


  1. Happy B-Day Dave. Was glad to see you at the denton show and yes no more crutchs. I think we are riding down for the party sat. I might bring a buddy. The more the merrier. SEE YA.

  2. Fuck yeah!

    Happy BIRTHDAY homie!

  3. Happy Birthday, man. See yall Saturday.

  4. Damn, Dave-O is getting too old to kick that thing anymore...he needs to join the OG's and start cruzing with a PBR in both hands. I hope it's a good and healthy one for you, with many more to come...gator

  5. Happy Birthday Dave-O !

    I think the " hollywood " look suits you better....LOL