Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Rock 2011

Every October we make the pilgrimage to Rockingham NC for AHDRA (All Harley Drag Racing Association). We all come from every direction to have one helluva a weekend. The best part is we are back in drag racing too. We had 3 bikes this year show up to race, only one couldn't due to tech inspection and a mandatory medical examination that wasn't stated in the rules.
The pack from Jacksonville gassed up ready to go.

OZ, Indy Bill, and Shawn. OZ has been riding his 69 Shovel for 17 years straight to The Rock. Pretty damn good for a guy knocking on the door for 70.

The old guys still know how to do it, fill the saddlebags with ice and beer.

Camp fire talk

Chip showed up with the rest of the crew and he had a bitching new tank on the Panhead.

Not too many bikes on this planet scare me, but these beast I would have to think twice about, They ran 202-232mph all weekend at 6.2-6.9 seconds in the quarter mile. The front wheel doesn't touch the whole length either.

Badass toolbox on the drag bike.

Maddog got this funny ass picture of Smitty tattooed on his back.

Brandy and Lilly cruising the camp ground.

Mexican porno shirts, Mariachi boots, and chart topping hairdos.

Texas Scott

GL and Chad supporting the site

Erick giving us some love

BBQ chicken Yum

Behind the campsite was this drag slick graveyard.

Scott and Lance putting the carb cleaner back on the most bitching Knuck ever.

JW pulling air trying to figure a shovelhead kick sequence.

The old guys

Bojangles is good

We drank lots of beer and had a great time this year at The Rock.

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