Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday's progress

Ok so a few people have asked if we are a shop and have all this equipment. Actually we all have 9-6 day jobs Tuesday thru Sat. and we just do this stuff cause its what we love. Sure we have welders and stuff but hell the shop we work in its electrical is crap and the lighting is worse.
Hey Jordan you bought Aqua Lung from me and never picked it up, so we had to pull the primary to work who do you want me to send the bill to. You SMUCK.

Dave-o my brother from a diff mother scored these sweet new headlights for me and since I'm converting the Panhead to 12 volt now was a perfect time to swap em out

Whatcha think

Dave got this huge piece of steel to go harpooning but decided it was safer to make a sissy bar with it.

We may have done this the hard way but drawing a diagram on the floor seemed to be the right thing to do and just bend the steel to the line.

Then we made this template to match the other side .

The sides didnt match but thats for good reason when your running a drum and the chain on the right side for the Ironhead you have to compensate for that.

Sissy bar made and welded the exhaust tips on.

Sawzall stopped by too and upgraded his front end. Overall we got alot of shit done.

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