Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good-bye Aqua Lung

Many people have never asked how I got a aqua colored motorcycle but I'm gonna tell you anyways. Many many many moons ago i bought this gem off of my painter Bert, well actually it was a three way trade and I dished out some cash and helped a friend in need and I ended up with the bike.
One night in the shop me and my dad were sitting around and drinking a few (which means alot of BEAST LIGHT) and decided to start cutting up the Ironhead, we cut the rear fender, made new bars, put the peace sign tail light on. Then me and Dave-o got the bike mechanically sound.
Her maiden journey was the Revenge Run last year. I wasnt able to get off work so i shot up to Cedar Point to meet everyone off the ferry. Well I was a bit late and was cresting the last bridge only to see this huge pack of bikes. Well when I got turned around and met everybody at the gas station everybody was loving the Aqua machine.

She made it to the Smoke Out where beautiful almost naked women fell in love with her.
Me and Dave-o decided to make pipes because we both hate the stock drag pipes for Ironheads that everybody has.
She was a life line for me and Dave-o when his Shovel was down and needed and ride.

Well I sold her and that was the meaning behind this post, she is going to a good home and she is kinda still in the family so.

Good-Bye Aqua Lung

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  1. Hey, I have one of those taillights and am looking for a match for a side car, have you seen or found a place with them for sale?