Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Chili Cookoff 2011

We were represented by Tam and my dad cooking some badass chili
Rolling Thunder booth
I wanted to shake her chili a bit
This dude was gonna kick my ass for taking his pic, Christian Soldier my ass
You and your family are hillbillies, this is a place of learning misfits
Rock 105.5 was there too

Tam let everybody know that Garys chili sucks
ECD rode out for the event
Doc george said the hell with the snow coming down Im getting my truck
Mixed drinks in the trophy
This kid was a dancing fool
Jeff about to give the results
BlackSheepMisfits took 2nd place

Tuckahoe won congrats to them, the big win tho was for the Onslow Memorial Hospital Foundation that we received $1,360.00 for there charity.

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