Thursday, September 23, 2010

Strength beyond Strength

Hey Brucial Folks its War. I havent been posting anything for a while. I guess you could say Ive been at war. I was reacently hit by a Truck on blue creek road on the way to hooters for bike night. a truck pulled infront of kyle and myself trying to make a fast left into a driveway. needless to say i did make it. i was hit and ejected into the ditch(thankfully) grass doesnt give you road rash. I heard my beautiful bike fliping behind me and i thought "if this thing lands on me in done" then I stoped everything was silent. Next I took of my helmet and looked down to see my leg was destroyed. thanks to kyle and praise the lord he wasnt hit too, we were able to get a most brucial turniquet on my leg to save my life. I love kyle like a brother, this just made us closer as friends and family" BSM family". then off to the hospital. Ive been here for a month. I lost my left leg and thats it besides a cut on my middle finger. I wanna thank my best friends, Shoprag- love you brother thanks for all you do for us and our cause. dave- you and tam are the best friends anyone could have and damn good cooking. when were all at the house and haveing fun there is nothing better than that. kyle- love you brother. thanks for saving my life, keep up the MTB so when im out we can destroy it. and josh just get better keep up that good attitude and kill that therapy on that arm. too all, life is hard enough but when this happenes its having friends like the BSM family that really make it easier to get through. dont think of this post as a soft war but its real and the truth!! these brothers are my reason i have strength at the level i do. we all feed off eachothers energy. love you guys stay brucial!!!!

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  1. Came across this while skimming through your guys blog. Sorry to hear about this. Now build yourself a trike man!